Current Loves!

12:00 AM

Quick Current Loves!

Olaplaex AS ALWASY!!!!! New hair update photos soon! All blonde thanks to this baby!

 In between the random snow falls still, it’s the season!

I CANNOT get enough of CAKE products!!! I just got some of their Dry shampoo.. I will have to fill you guys in! <3

 My Gopro Hero 5, I like to bring everywhere…. I have so many silly time-lapse videos I have created lately. I LOVE IT!

What is your faves right now??


Adore Me Spring 2017

12:01 AM

Adore Me Always….

Spring is here, although there is still those white flakes coming down here and there but I promise in Canada it is really spring! That means buy new spring clothes!! Or if your bank account says “no way, not just yet” than you can always play around and make your own style idea’s with what you like.

I have been a neutral colour’s kind of girl for a while, with pink,purple or blue hair it just clashes with things so I like to keep my bright colours for nails, shoes or undergarments- okay that just sounds like I am about 99 years old! 
I absolutely HEART bright bra’s and underwear, I was looking around on and found the Yakira Bralette in a BEAUTIFUL teal colour which inspired this look and am in need! 
So my eyes began to wander their site and I see they have a great selection of bright colours that I love and want on their bra’s and pantie’s page. I couldn’t decide from this one in the photo or the Pink Cate Bralette.

If you had to pick one from their site what would you choose?

It’s funny I was talking to my mom on the phone about Adore Me products and she said “Oh yeah! That’s the one with the app.” Needless to say apparently my mother is keeping up with things more than myself! So I had to download it and now I can keep myself up today with things I need :)

If you end up making a look with’s product let me have a look on your pinterest board! @Montsergirl or tweet me @my__blogspot #adoremespring2017  I am curious of your looks you guy’s create :) 

March 2017 Purple Favorites!

12:01 AM

I haven’t done one of these post’s in ages! April is here, and it happened to snow a little bit today, happy spring to some of us LOL. 

This is just a quick little faves that all happen to be purple :)

*My Cute skull bracelet I found online a while back but forgot I had it! I forget where it is from =/
*Sephora’s XL Eyelash curler-FINALLY someone has one that works for me!

Have you tried any of these??

What was your favourite?

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